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    See in the Anglers Mail that a 98lb has come out of Withy anyone know about it ?

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    Looks a good fish


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      is it a syndicate water ?


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        Hi all. This is me who caught the fish. Beat my personal best (didn't think I would ever beat it mind) of 83 lb back in 2010. I know the owner of Withy really well and have the opportunity to fish this water. Not really a syndicate, as such, as its his "pond" in his back garden and hes not, or will never claim to be, an owner of a fishery. Not sure if the mail went into detail (and would like to know what issue I'm in, if anyone can assist?) but this fish was caught on the drop. I read a topic on here relating to fish caught on the drop. Never use a lead when fishing for cat with large pellets and this fish took my bait a second or so after hitting the water. I had another large fish on the other week (hook didn't set) in exactly the same circumstances. Pretty sure, due to the markings, that the 83lb was a different fish. Still think there could be bigger moggies in there. You may notice that it's crapping white stuff all over me....The bones and scales suggest it had eaten a rather nice mirror carp some time previous...


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          Hi Rich, firstly well done on the capture and from such a historic catfish lake on on such tactics!!. Do you keep feeding pellets over the top to keep the pellets falling through the water? I've heard of cats

          coming to the sound of pellets hitting the water.

          Do you know if any of the large cats could be Richard Gardners record?

          Your a very lucky man to be able to fish Withy, very jealous.

          The link below will show you your picture.

          Well done once again.

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            That's a totally different pic to the one I have seen in the angling times.

            Think I still have it - ill dig it out and have a look


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              The other cat you caught at 83lb is in this picture below .



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                Good digging!


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                  Hi Craig and thank you. Not sure if it is Garner's record fish as I have never seen a photo. Does one actually exsist? Yes I generally fire a few pellets out (although £14 catapult only lasted 2 sessions before snapping....more overpriced crap tackle) and the depth of water where I fish is about 28 feet so bait without a lead does take a while to sink. On Withy the big cats come up from the depths and break the surface followed by a slap of the tail. My mate who only carp fishes (and cheats ha ha) had his bait boat smashed up by one a few weeks ago. Funny, there are no water fowl on the lake in the summer...nature soon learns. Here's a better pic of 83lb


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                    Cracking picture Rich, does he do guests? LOL.


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                      Think theyd be a pretty long queue

                      Great looking ifsh!


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                        If it was down to me I would give you his number but I don't think he would be very chuffed. You would be suprised how few anglers actually fish this lake (I have a season ticket as do only 3 others) problem you have is that carp anglers now want 40 -60 lb fish (not happening in withy) and last 10 years new lakes are producing 100lb + cats. Not many places you can have a whole lake to yourself though. Withy you can. Where do you guys fish?


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                          No 100lbers up here in the North Rich , not alot of choice for big cats unfortunately.


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                            Rich - I sent the picture on to Kevin (via Keith) as you requested.

                            Well done again on your capture. Had the good fortune to fish it myself a couple fo times back in the days when the group where allowed fish-ins on there (when Kevin still had it). Lovely lake.

                            I heard the numbers of cats have reduced in recent years, is this a natural thing or have they been taking them out do you know?



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                              So how many guests tickets do you have for 2017 Rich