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  • 3 Nights

    Spent three nights with a mate at Badshot lea ,
    I fished for Carp during the daytime and cats during the night , Bait was 30 mm Halibut pellet on a hair to 12 " Quicksilver tied to a barbless size 2 ,on a 2oz running lead, ( is 12" to long or short) any tips appreciated.
    By fishing the 30 mm pellet guaranteed it would stay on all night ,the 20mm on a hair at best 10 hours

    Bait was taken out buy Bait boat with , 6, 20mm pellets ,3, 30 mm pellets and 3 handfulls of 11 mm pellets
    ​Catch was for me Cats of 15lbs...18lbs and 30lbs. and possible a dropped take ,
    ​Two of the takes just took the bobbin to the top and stopped , because it didnt drop back after a few seconds i lifted rod and hey presto into a Cat .
    Mate only fished 2 nights and had a 24lbs and a 15lbs Cat

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    Cheers Barry
    Will lengthen them to 20"
    What would you be using on the bottom as bait .


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      Also try the opposite too - 5/6" may also help on cautious fish


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