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  • Rollover indicators

    Just thought I should let people know who aren't already using these for cats that they are far superior to any other type of indicator out there.

    Been using mine for over four years and they are that sensitive you can tell when small fish are nibbling your bait .

    Also save you striking into things that would be a screaming run on drop back pike indicators or might not even register on bobbins as you can see how much line movement or what is happening with your bait .

    They take a bit of getting used to but once you are its hard to trust any other type again .you must have adjustable bank sticks and have the indicator the opposite side to the reel handle.

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    Been using them for at least 5 yrs, can't go wrong with them.


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      They are a good bit of kit. Very handy for snatching liveys at night too on self hooking with little bolt rigged feeders. If used with a pod a bit of thought is needed though.


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        Used them for years eel fishing; never seen the need for cats to be honest as I much prefer the simplicity of fishing off the clutch without any indicators. And yes, a bit of ingenuity is required for pods but used them with a Solar Sod Pod very successfully. I think there's a picture of my set-up on Barry's website.


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          Use them all the time. They give very positive indication. Also use them for pike fishing.


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