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  • The Cat-o-copter

    Im interested to find out more about the mechanics of the cat-o-copter. I understand how to set it up and how it sits in the water but, just unsure how once the catfish picks up your bait and moves off with it, why it doesn't drop it when the lead is getting dragged along the lake bed? I'd like to start using it as I'd like to remove all lines from the water.

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    The lead doesn't move - you should be fishing it on a free running rig and my preference is also with the lightest bobbin possible if you are fishing in deep water incase the cat grabs the bait and goes back down rather than away otherwise it wouldn't always register the bite


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      Hi Steve,

      The cat-o-copter is basically a paternoster rig, so when the cat attacks the live bait it strikes from any angle even from above, it won't feel the lead because it will be attacking the bait with venom rather than picking it up. The lead will be a pivot point until the cat has moved a little way. I use the same basic set up to fish dead baits for pike in a weir pool as I can't live bait and it works a treat.
      I do have to disagree with Craig a little as I would use a heavy bobbin/swinger in case of a drop back.
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        A light or heavy as long as there is slack line will work - personal preference