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  • Knot strength

    Hello this is my 1st post so might have been discussed before.
    The set up I am using is mono mainline with korda arma kord 50lb leader.
    I was going to use fox Exocet 23lb mono mainline but tested knots for joining to leader. Was horrified at the results, tried various knots spent afternoon double checking them.
    Whatever knot I used broke/slipped at about 50 percent of bs!!
    Tried Berkeley Big game 25lb works perfectly breaking at almost 25lb with the mahin knot, and its less than 1/2 the price.
    Using arma kord leader as been cut off a few times could be a mussel bed? Since using the leader no cut offs.

    Would be interested if
    anyone else has done similar tests? Well pleased with Berkeley big game

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    Rich Clarke is your man he tests all sorts of line and knots mate .