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  • Recommend a rod and mono line


    I am new to catfishing (never done it before) and would like some recommendation on which rod to buy, the pond I will be fishing will not have that big of a cat in, there is supposed to be one at 70lb but I don’t know the last time this was caught, if it ever has. Generally the cats are 10-30lb, plus there are carp and pike in the pond lol. I have bought loads of catfish gear but need some recommendations on a rod and mono line (pond I’ll be fishing does not allow braid). Not too high a test curve though as I don’t want a scaffolding bar as a rod ha ha.

    I have some korda armo kord 50lb for the hook link so I just need some good strong mono now, any recommendations?


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    Hello Fat cat,

    Firstly lets address - scaffolding bars.

    Cat rods although have higher TCs aren't scaffolding poles at all. They should in my opinion have a very nice through action, with the butt section having the real guts and the tip section absorbing the lunges nicely. So although a TC may be 5lb they are great playing rods and I have unfortunately caught carp on them and theyre actually really nice to play reasonable sized carp on.

    Rods - all depends upon budget. Something entry level - NGT, Cat Pro - less than £60/70. Then Freespirits and Harrisons.

    Line - Berkley Big game in 25lb would be fine.


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