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  • Cassien

    Anyone fished Cassien for the cats? My carpy friends are arousing my interest.

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    Always wanted to, last time I looked at it all the rules were designed to stop you catfishing as they are on most public lakes in france.


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      Sorry Richard been very busy. Only the night rule seems an issue now and plenty coming to carpers during day I hear. Looking at flying down for a few days later in the year. Taking own fishing gear and loaning the "camping" elements, and boat. A lot cheaper and easier than the drive, especially when time's tight. I can get there with my kit for a similar price to my jersey conger trips.

      Any tips on the fishing would be gratefully received. They seem to have really done well, quite common with a few bigguns about. Bank fishing appears to be better than the locals' preference for boating/clonking.


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        Sounds like your fairly well informed. Its dropped off the radar last few years really.

        Good luck and let us know you get on, sounds like a cracking article for whiskers regardless of what you catch.

        A bit of background reading if you havent seen it before......
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          Thanks Richard, I'd not fund that before. Circumstances mean that this is, currently, on hold but when things sort themselves out I will be going, I just don't know whether I will be able to fit it in before the weather turns this year or have to wait until next year now.