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How well do catfish feed in the day?

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  • How well do catfish feed in the day?

    I remember that years ago it was believed that fishing for catfish during the day was largely a waste of time - That clearly isn't entirely true! Is it much more productive at night, or not much in it.

    Do different tactics work better in the day versus at night? Thanks

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    I have found that on the clear gravel pits I have fished more cats were caught in the hours of darkness. On some of the lakes I currently fish which
    have heavily coloured water I have had cats at night and in the day , even in brilliant sunshine like last summer. One gravel pit I fished the cats would get
    caught from open areas of gravel away from any cover in the dark , yet in the day you would never see fish moving in these open areas. I recently started
    using those surface tipper rigs , on my local waters these get fish in the daylight and in the dark. So I think it depends on the water you are fishing.