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Is it that hard to run own biz?

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  • Is it that hard to run own biz?

    Some people say that it is extremely hard and some claim that once you started it becomes a lifestyle and you just enjoy doing your business. So what is closer to the truth?

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    It isn't hard at all when you do everything properly, don't make serious mistakes. And it is fun if you outsource all the boring parts of it, like bookkeeping. For this purpose hiring for example would be a good idea.


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        Yes, it may be unaccustomed difficult, but if you try to get it all, it will begin to work. The most important thing is that you do not stop trying, then you will succeed I did not believe in the beginning, but then I stopped doubting, because everything works properly. Money is paid on time and in full, any bet can be checked and confirmed. So this is a good place to start