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  • Leeches for bait

    I have never used Leeches for bait but I am thinking of trying some this season,are they a good bait on all waters or would I be better just sticking to pellets and the usual baits.

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    Similar to what Barry said, but I feel they are an all or nothing bait and not found a water inbetween. They either do very well, or simply a waste of time.

    If the water you fish have done well using leeches yes, if nothing then I wouldn't bother, if no one has used them - its worth a punt for sure!

    Also if your fishing mud pig venues, or more commercial venues, or its rammed with jack pike - then leeches don't fair well


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      Used Leeches a few years back and did really well on them. Shop purchased and found as well.
      Like folks have said if you think about your rig and hook them correct they can be reused if kept in separate pots. Amazes me how they never stop working once you suss the hooking out. Had awesome takes using them.


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        Would like to give leeches a go how do you hook them on.


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          I use a Fox V shaped maggot clip, a small bit of bait stop, 2 leeches - hook the fat end and then another bait stop, dab the sucker with Vaseline to stop them sticking to the rig and away you go


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            I used to use the circle ring, BUT the leeches will fold themselves through the whole and stop moving, with the V shape they cant wrap themselves up and so fish all night, its all about maximising the efficiency of your bait for as long as possible. It doesn't mean they don't work, but I don't like to risk it.

            You wind in in the morning with no action to find a ball of leeches - was it 30 seconds after you cast out or 30 seconds before you brought them in?


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              I have never used Leeches for bait but I am thinking of trying some this season. I know a place redfish guide in Venice who are allowing individuals to try this onece in their life. I will soon go there