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Deadbait on the dumbell

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  • Deadbait on the dumbell

    Hello all
    The lake iam currently fishing is very weedy and live baits are banned, I was thinking of presenting a deadbait inbetween weed beds on the surface using a dumbell and I wondered if anybody had done this before and if they had achieved any success? I also wondered if it would be necessary to use a stiff hook link as the bait isn't moving could I use a standard more flexible hooklink like armorbraid? Any advice would be appreciated


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    Yes, it does work, it may prove a good method.

    Yes you are right you can use a braided hooklink for this.

    Have you considered leeches?


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      Cheers for reply Craig

      I have considered leeches a few times I think I will just have to bite the bullet and buy some, not really sure how to look after them so will look it up, I heard the leeches tend to get in a tangle with the dumbell ? I was told the tipper rig is a better option


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        Probably a bit of clever marketing
        its all about the way you present them.

        I use a 90° rig for presenting my leeches, a fox maggot clip - V shaped (that bit is important) and a dab of Vaseline on the sucker, and a small bead either side to prevent them sliding off - this stops them sticking to things


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          Deads on dumbells work well.

          Ive caught on mackerel sections before, and also squid "tipped" with a couple of lobworms for extra scent and movement.

          Obviously a big bunch of worms can be effective too. if the cats are mooching under the surface and come across something edible, its going in its mouth !


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