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  • Todber manor

    Thinking of having a go here, anyone got any information on the cat fishing there.

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    You will be best off ringing Todber , as far as im aware its pretty well booked all year, other than that its a relatively small pond with a good head of Cats in their


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      Leeches worked, as does shoal rigs, and the dreaded pellet does pretty well too. I wouldn't say any peg is better than the other from my limited experience fo fishing it - but it gets hammered day in day out


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        Catfish being caught on Little Hayes and Big Hayes lakes quite regularly now. These lakes you can park behind your swim now . Big Hayes you cannot use
        livebaits because of the pike present, but Little Hayes doesn't have any pike present so you can. All the lakes are busy though , most of the cats falling to carp baits.


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