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New target lake.

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  • New target lake.

    Hey all,

    Anyone fished the husbourne crawley lake? I'm on it for a year, only a small lake with plenty of island..

    It's very silty, what approach would be the best, I'm aloud livvies, sea deads. Want to catch my first cat proper so no pellets.

    Not massive cats, no one really know but they go over 30lb as my mate know a fello, seen pics..

    Cheers guys for any input.

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    Sounds like a leech venue to me. If its soft silt you need to pop your deads up off the bottom or they will taint with the silt. If youre fishing lives use long ledger stems so if the lead sinks in the silt your run ring will be above the silt. Good luck


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      cheers for the tips Craig, i shall give that ago, fished with leeches for a season, slippery little things..


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        Yes but devastating if they're on them. I've found they either work well or not at all fella.