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Ive been pulled back in !

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  • Ive been pulled back in !

    Hi everyone

    I caught my first catfish at Woburn abbey lake sometime around 1982-3 and joined the CGG about a week after the first meeting. I can remember Bob Baldock showing me around 2 tiny holes in the ground called claydon lakes and thinking this bloke is having me on here, there cant be fish in those dirty little holes !!!
    There was . . . I caught 11 or 13 (I think) cats up to 15lb on my second trip there and the story made a page worth of news in the angling mail (still got the paper hidden somewhere safe)
    I then fished Tiddenfoot and Rackley with varied success over the next year (maybe two) but then children appeared and the fishing was put on hold for a while.
    After a few years I started to get out fishing again until i was back in full flow again but the catfishing just didnt grab me anymore.
    In the summer of '91 (?) a few friends and I were exploring the river Ebro looking for carp when we caught a few catfish, biggest was 69lb. The following year when we returned my PB was upped to 101lb (on a 2lb whiskar kevlar using 20lb line) and 127lb was the largest of the trip caught by a total novice who we had to actually tip out of his camp bed to wake him up so he could grab his rod !!
    My photo made the front page of the angling mail this time but it was the landscape photo of the hills above the river. The photo of the fish took up the whole of page 3 i think but again the the paper is somewhere safe . . . so safe that i cant find it
    I then went back to carp fishing until around 2010 before becoming disillusioned with the hobby (the tackle tarts and instant add water carpers didnt help) I think that ive only been on the bank 2-3 times in the last 6 years but recently ive been getting the urge again and when a friend told me about a local club water that has cats up to 80lb . . my mind has been made up and im going to join the club next season. Right now im sorting the gear out and making a LONG list of what I need to replace or buy, and getting my hand back in by going out and drowning a few maggots. (had 5 small carp yesterday up to 6lb )
    Bloody hell, that turned into an essay

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    Welcome back to the CCG - don't be silly enough to leave again


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      Great essay and a wonderful catch! It is a pity that I do not know how to write such a good essay.


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        It's funny, but I have a similar problem. At the moment I have found a good solution and use the services of professional writers. These guys can do my essay in the best possible way and quality. By the way, I have received praise from my strictest teacher more than once.


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          Wow, what a big fish