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  • New girl!

    Hi, I just joined CCG as I am on the hunt for a UK Catfish. My first ever cat was an 88lb beauty caught on the French lake Notaires a few years ago. He had been stocked and never landed for 9 years and I set out to get him. I was successful and landed him not on the cat rods I had set up but a 9ft scope rod on 18lb line on a home made boilie which i had out for carp.
    I named him Big Bad Barry and won champagne! And I was hooked on catfish. I have since fished a couple of other French lakes and had 8 more ranging from 40lb to 83lb.
    Any tips for decent waters near Yorkshire would be appreciated please

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    Hello Jessica,

    Welcome to the group.

    There are a few waters in the Yorkshire area.

    Where are you based?


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      I live near Leeds. Looking for somewhere within a couple of hours drive that I can dedicate some time to. I do plan to venture down south at some point for a couple of weekend sessions but with work and the kids I just want something not too far away where I have a chance of a bite.

      I had a look at the CCG lakes list but it's hard to choose! Was fancying a go on the canal but I dont fancy unhooking a pike!!




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        Canals can be hard work and the stock levels are pretty much unknown - mostly.


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          Few Yorkshire waters to choose from.

          All depends upon what you are after. Runs waters, Day ticket lakes, Syndicate cat lakes