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​I want to meet an Italian man.

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  • ​I want to meet an Italian man.

    I want to meet an Italian man.
    Do you think it is worth to sit on a Dating site to find a real serious relationship? It so happened that it is impossible to meet in real life - work, home, in public places high it looks, you are done! Twice on the Internet met, the relationship lasted for a year, these men registered there by accident, we can say lucky... But more still talked -it's either wanting sex, or in General some horror, well, straight nightmare! As you think, a normal a man (not a psycho, normally earns, not Alfons) which, too, on the street and in public places not ready that, can sit in 120??

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    Indeed, with today's rhythm of life, many people simply do not physically manage to communicate with each other in real life. So they go to dating sites. A big plus of sites is that if you are not interested in a person, you can immediately stop communicating and not waste your precious time. And in the questionnaire you can write the purpose of your stay, then the search will be more successful.
    By the way, speaking recently I was walking at a wedding with a couple who met on the Internet. So I recommend)


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      On the Internet on a dating site you can meet an Italian man. Be sure to find out all about the customs of this country. Psychologists believe that marriage with an Italian man is not a paradise. See maybe you're lucky.


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        The truth is that finding a good guy or girl online is a lot easier than it sounds. Just think, you do not have to go on endless tedious dates, and already at the stage of dating via the Internet you can filter out the wrong options. Personally, I meet here No need to try to seem better than you really are. Indeed, at a meeting it all comes out and as a result of a long-term relationship will not work. You need to be yourself, and not try to play a role for the opponent in the hope he will like it.


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          For guys who are not too confident and have low self-esteem, the big problem is how to start a virtual acquaintance. As practice shows, women primarily prefer interesting, assertive interlocutors, rather than "handsome" with a sporty appearance. Communication with a girl on social networks, dating sites or various forums should be relaxed and easy.