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  • New catfish rods

    I am looking for some new rods as the catfish pro 12ft 4.5 tc need replacing, the duplon is moving on the blank and the rings have been used with braid and now have a flat porfilr which is pigtailing the line. I fish two waters mainly the cats run to getting on for a 100 in one and mid 80's in the other with the average fish being 30-40lb
    I would replace with thew same rod but I dont really like the reel seat and the very chunky duplon.
    I have looked at a number of rods, from free spirit, Daiwa to custom builds from various places. I am looking for recomendations from people.
    I think I have narrowed it down to 10' 6" -12 ft and no more than 5lb TC. Something that did catch my eye was a 10' 6" rovex monster tamer that looks very similar to the catfish rod they built which seems to be popular with some people.
    Thanks in advance
    Joe H

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    Few options

    Rebuild your current rods - are they the MK1 or MK2 catpro rods?

    OR look at:

    New Catmaster rod
    New Cat pro rods
    Freespirit 11ft 5lb tc rod
    Custom build