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The Group has its own dedicated catfish water called Adam's Pool in Alcester, Warwickshire (just south of Redditch) Fishing on the Pool is run as a Group syndicate and membership applications are invited on an annual basis from paid up CCG members. Membership is limited to 35 places. A limited number of day tickets are available to CCG members from 1st July. All fishing prior to that is exclusively for syndicate members. Syndicate membership is open to all CCG members on a first come first serve basis and runs from 1st April each year. There is currently a waiting list for Adam's Pool.

Contact Fishery Controller Paul Hunter for more information.

The Pool is very heavily stocked with catfish of all sizes up to around 50lb with lots of 20 & 30 pounders. Although, like most cat waters it has its moments, Adam's catfish are generally not too difficult to catch. The 14 swims are well laid out and maintained and catfish are regularly landed from all of them. A large car park and Portaloo are provided for members use.

The CCG has recently undertaken a scanning and microchipping program to monitor captures and growth rates and assist with fish security at the pool. We have an active fishery management policy meaning the pool is regularly netted and the sizes and numbers of fish present are carefully monitored. Small fish are removed for re-homing to allow for a beneficial reduction in biomass. This policy has resulted in a big upturn in growth rates whilst maintaining good water quality.

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