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Fish of The Month Winners

April 2015

 1. Mark Hughes - Tee, Gold Pin and Certificate

Mark Hughes - 67lb 5oz PB. Largest catfish caught from Lakemore, Cheshire for two years

2. Blair Yorke - Silver Pin and Certificate

 Blair Yorke - 58lb 3oz caught on popped up lobworms on his first visit to Horton Boat Pool 

3. Sam Ray and Vinz Howard - Bronze Pin and Certificate

Sam Ray - 80lb, French Lake - by the way, we're over here Sam!

Vinz Howard - 114lb 8oz, Oakwood Park Predator Lakes - CCG Fish-In


May 2015

1. Molly Pryke (aged 7) – Gold pin, Limited Edition tee shirt and certificate

Molly Pryke - 33lb 8oz caught on squid from CC Reserve. Her first catfish - not bad for a 7 year old! 

2. Bob Francis – Silver Pin and certificate

Bob Francis - 76lb 13oz and 61lb 3oz caught within minutes of each other from Exclusive Angling Holiday's Lac Bleu

3. Simon Robinson – Bronze Pin and certificate

Simon Robinson - 69lb 8oz, caught on halibut pellets from Yateley Split Lake



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