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  • Shimano x Aero 6000

    HI guys I am new to cats but have significant predator fishing experience. I have 4 Shimano x-Aeros 6000 . When speaking to distributors they all say the same that the workings on these reels are all the same. ie 6000, 8000, 10000 the only thing that is different is the spools and the capacity of those spools with the 10 000 holding about 450 metres of the 66lb braid I use? would these reels be suitable for the cats. if not I am thinking of the ultegra 1400 xtds. I know options will vary but please comment

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    Fixed spool or multiplier? Iuse the old, original Shimano big bait runner LC. But maybe a dedicated spod reel would be useful. Whatever you choose it needs proper steel and brass internals, none of this monkey metal nonsense in a lot of cheaper carp reels no matter what size. Penn do some good examples too. Spinfisher and liveliner models.


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