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Live baits river saone

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  • Live baits river saone

    Me and a friend are looking into going to the saone for the cats but we are looking to go in April next year. After a bit of research it appears that live baits are only allowed after may. My question is, can you get away using lives out of season or is it not worth the risk?

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    There will be an announcement in the very near future regarding someone who may be able to help you out regarding your Saone trip.

    Livies - from what I can gather - not worth the risk of your tackle being taken. But some may say otherwise


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      Looking forward to hearing it.
      If it's too much of a risk then I'll think I'll go in may instead.



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        hi - yes you can get away with using them as long as you are sensible and fish well away from the towns/villages. be prepared to strike baits off if needed should the gaurde de peche rock up. Hook them lightly.

        We are going this April, but we wont be taking any with us, far too risky these days as Im assuming security at the ports is more strict than on previous trips.