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French catfishing revolution

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  • French catfishing revolution

    Hi Guys.
    I want to share with you something brand new in France :
    This is my website.
    Warning : this is something commercial, and I fully admit that at the end of the day I want to get money from you. But I am pretty sure you will be happy to give it to me )

    The English version is not up yet. I am working on it, and will probably start communicating in UK in May, or something like that.
    I want to have your opinion on this, as UK fishermens travelling to France / Spain / ... might be my customers.
    I expect much from the carp fishermens.

    The principle is as follows :
    I have built an iphone application, (available in the appstore by searching "be on ssil", and on Android in a few weeks)
    That application works like a GPS.
    On top of road maps and satellite views, it displays maps of the river bottom, showing the depth.

    Only few maps are available now, but many are being prepared.
    To make it short, it displays on a phone the same thing as this :

    (you need google earth installed)

    Color code :
    red = 1 m = 3 feets
    green = 5 meters = 15 feets
    blue = 8 meters = 24 feets
    and so on.

    What do you think ?

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    It's been a while i didn't update this post.
    We now have an English version of thé website :

    The iphone app in it's prototype version has been downloaded over 500 times...
    The final version for Android & iPhone Will be released within the month. Think about it when you plan a trip to France, ... Or Belgium, or Austria.

    Raphael "pechouille"