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Newbie needs HELP please!

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  • Newbie needs HELP please!

    Started buying gear but never caught a cat yet but I really want too!

    Can somebody confirm or elaborate on why nobody fishes for cats from September to March?

    Other fish will eat, albeit less during these times and Catfish must eat something or die I think!

    Is it just because catfishers are off after other species?

    Any feedback would be appreciated🐟🐟🐟😀

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    Its all down to water temperatures and stocking densities.

    Once water temps drop below 8°C I start to go and fish for other species.

    Life is too short to fish low stocked waters for fish that don't feed much during this winter period.

    However, I've fished up north into November because its been warm enough to.

    Some waters have winter track records - usually waters that have a high stocking density and lower natural food supplies. These waters tend to enable us to catch right through winter. Other waters you've got as much chance catching as you have sat at home.