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Anyone found a way make halibut boilies

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  • Anyone found a way make halibut boilies

    As the tittle suggests looking for a way to make halibut boilies without losing any of the oils or the edge of good quality pellet ,its for a venue that doesn't allow pellets.
    Or are any of the expensive halibut boilies you can buy as good as the real thing?
    I have made my own boilies and Steamies before with mixed success and understand that the normal process would change the halibut a lot .

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    When I came across this a few years ago I just got some fishmeal boillies made up with nothing but salmon oil added. These days I'd just fish a more traditional method.


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      We are have done some experimenting and have found something that will last for a few hours on the hook but also got boilies base mix and powdered halibut to try out.


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        Lard could be the way


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