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    Hiya guys, fully paid up for the coming season on the Horton Boat Pool, going in blind. I would really appreciate any tips, hints or any general advise from those that really know the water? Cheers in advance to any members who may help..

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    Hello Blair,
    I had a season on the Boat Pool in 2006. Lovely water , I struggled when I first fished on it , until I took a marker rod up with me and
    concentrated on finding clear patches of gravel in the lake. I found some small patches of gravel here and there an started concentrating my
    bait in these spots. As soon as I did this I started catching cats . I didn't get many takes from the margins , like you do on some waters. At the time
    I was fishing more with big pellets than livebaits and caught my cats there on big pellets fished over smaller pellets.


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      Many thanks Simon, some very good food for thought there. I am intending on using a big bunch of balanced popped up Lobs on one rod at least through April and a popped up kebab rig of squid, chicken liver, Bluey and smokey bacon on the second, fished over beds of 12mm highly oiled up halibut pellets. do you reckon this approach could be a winner? Cheers for the reply
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        Fished it the first year is was syndicated and did another season 5 or so years ago. Beautiful lake, albeit very manicured (once got a bollocking for walking on the grass and not using the steps out of my swim). The planes may take some getting used to if you've not experienced the local area before. Getting more carp attention than when I fished it I'm led to believe but that is not necessarily a bad thing as less competition. I used to fish for the tench in the days and had a high-30 cat on plastic sweetcorn over some groundbait, so they are definitely into their pellets I would think; also caught the then lake record carp doing the same thing. Caught more cats fishing the lodge half of the lake, really struggled on the Kingsmead bank (but it was better for the tench) but to be honest that was probably at odds with what others experienced.


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