The CCG Tackle Survey

Choosing catfish tackle can be a tricky business especially for the new or inexperienced angler.

There is now a good selection of purpose built catfishing tackle available; much of it manufactured by dedicated catfish companies such as Catfish-Pro and CatMaster Tackle. Many of the biggest names in fishing tackle also offer items that can be utilised for catfishing too.

Whilst personal choice plays a huge part in selecting suitable tackle for tackling catfish, we thought it would be a great exercise to canvass some of the CCG's most experienced or successful catfish anglers for their thoughts on the specific gear that they use. Whilst these are purely their personal views, they offer a good insight into the type of equipment that has been proven over many years - you can't beat experience!

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Phil Aylett Rich Clarke Keith Lambert Trevor Pritchard Simon Clarke Garry Cavender Tony WignallHenry HansenChris RobertsDarren 'Dazzer' WicksonTony Corbett

Graham Bell



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