Catfish Rigs

Whether you buy 'off the shelf' catfish rigs which are now widely available and manufactured by specialist catfish tackle companies such as Catfish-Pro or CatMaster Tackle, or whether you prefer to make or adapt your own rigs, one thing's for sure, so long as it's safe and 'catfish friendly' there's no such thing as right or wrong when it comes using a particular rig for catching catfish!

So with that in mind, the following links should be seen as ideas that may help you catch more fish, most of the rigs are tried and tested by CCG members and some of them have been previously published either online  or in Whiskers magazine or Silurus newsletters. Nobody's going to say you should or shouldn't use a particular rig in any given situation although there are many that feature time and time again that have proven their worth over many years and should perhaps be considered part of one's catting armoury but of course everyone has their own variation!

Live Bait Rigs

Leech & Worm Rigs

Tie up/Buoy Rigs

The Winch Rig

Bottom Bait Rigs 



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